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America’s holy alliance is ripping apart at the seams

Do changing societal norms and values minimse the influence religion has on US politics? Research fellow, Joseph Larson, looks at the contemporary relationship between political christianity in the US under the broader context of a growing progressive and liberal base. It does beg the question: can religion be a unifying force across politics, or will it remain divisive in secular America? Read Larson’s post to find out.


A Frozen Conflict Threatens Ukraine

Dr. Simon Leitch argues that the fighting in Ukraine has largely fallen off the radar of many people in the West, and there is no longer any serious talk of getting back Crimea, but the long-term dangers for Ukraine are as high as ever. Rather than facing Russian annexation, Ukraine now finds itself in the unenviable position of becoming yet another frozen conflict zone on the Russian periphery.

Students Discussing In Campus

Selective Tolerance and the Environment: Comments on the Continued Prejudice toward Rural People

Prejudice against rural people has come to be accepted in the American academe. The consequences of this discrimination are quite important, particularly in the realm of the natural sciences, because students go on to work in fields that directly affect the lives of rural people (e.g. by working in natural resource agencies). This piece draws attention to this problem and offers some preliminary suggestions for addressing it.


When a person consumes an apple

We appreciate the utilisation and usefulness of pharmaceutical products, and its effects on increasing the quality of life for all individuals. However this is not always the case. Times like these also require the intuitive initiative to always consider what is best for the patient.


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