Torture– How Could It Happen in America?

How did the USA, a state with otherwise high human rights standards and a competitive democratic political system, end up prodding the C.I.A. into torturing people at ‘black sites’? Dr. Danny Coopers, an expert on American politics argues that the answer lies in the combination of the leadership personalities and the unique political situation in the USA after 9/11.


American Protests Against the Militarized Police State

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been alerting the American people since August 2014 that the incidents involving police and minorities in America are symptomatic of a militarized police force that reflects a broader mindset on the part of the government. Other media outlets have expressed concerned about the militarized role of the police in a democratic society, and even the Department of Justice has raised concerns about how to deal with the brutal force of police toward minorities. Taking the long view, Jon Kofas argue that the militarized police is a reflection of the evolution of government toward a police state model. Although it is rooted in the early Cold War, this phenomenon evolved gradually after 9/11 in America and it reflects the convergence of foreign and domestic policy of dealing with “potential enemies as terrorists


The Sydney Siege and Australian Pluralism: The Need for Understanding and Dialogue

Samuel Glen writes: “With acts of religious extremism and intolerance rife in the world today gestating seeds of doubt, fear and mistrust amongst the global community, the latest turmoil in Sydney, Australia is a prime example of why we need to engage in non-condemning and non-threatening inclusive dialogue that recognizes the legitimacy of the viewpoint of the ‘other’”.

Anna White protest

Pain and Blame – The CIA Torture Report

After 9/11 the U.S. government captured terrorists, ‘enemy combatants’ in Afghanistan and, occasionally, some innocent bystanders during its retaliatory War on Terror. Those captives were taken to ‘black sites’, places free from those pesky legal protections and domestic civil rights legislation, and some were subjected to torture during ‘enhanced interrogations’. Now, after years of delays, a U.S. Senate report is out detailing what actually happened in those torture sessions and the recriminations have begun. Simon Letich writes;


Rosetta comet landing, was it worth it?

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission, and Philae landing on comet 67P, was a world sensation with a lot of people getting very excited. However, now a month on and the initial hype is over, I keep hearing, “was it really worth all that money?” and, “did we actually get anything useful from it?”


Russell Brand: a hero for our times?

Dr. Mark Beeson, a Professor of International Politics explains why we should take Russell Brand seriously. He argues “It’s easy to sound condescending about Brand’s book–Revolution. There is much that sounds naïve and entirely out of touch with what passes for reality. But that’s Brand’s point.”


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