Sean Penn and Globalization

“Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?”, quipped Sean Penn before announcing the winner of the best film at the Oscars. Quite predictably, the media went into a frenzy. But was it really surprising?Arafat Kabir argues maybe not, if it’s viewed from the lens of globalization.


The American Dream in a Pill

Did you know that the American Dream now comes in the form of a miracle pill? A recent marketing and advertising trend is peddling what they call the “smart pill”, presumably a brain pill that not only makes you smart, it can also make you rich because you optimize your brain capacity! This is essentially a vitamin supplement that claims to boost memory, energy, and creativity, but it can also make you rich, very rich because it allows you to use your head more effectively when making those difficult career and investment decisions.


‘Civil Society’ Mediation to Bangladesh Problem: A Theoretical Evaluation

Using theories of mediation studies Osiur Rahman examines the prospect of a series of recent initiative taken by Bangladeshi civil society who are trying to resolve a deadly stand off between Bangladesh’s two major political parties. Osiur argues that there is little hope for Bangladeshi civil society as these civil society members do not have necessary instruments to resolve the crisis.


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