Imran Khan

The Pakistani Awakening: Imran Khan’s Azadi (Feedom) March 2014

The 14th of August 1947 marks a very auspicious day for every Pakistani, as it is the day that Pakistan became a state and gained its independence from India. After sixty-seven years of independence, the 14th of August 2014 marks yet another sea change in the Pakistani political diaspora, as Imran Khan, leads what he terms as a mass social awakening through his Azadi (Freedom) March.


Australia’s Border Protection Policies: Putting Forward Some Alternatives

Debates about refugee intakes, illegal immigrants, asylum seekers, and immigration more generally often lack precise alternatives that deal with this complicated problem. In this article Simon Katterl takes a look at the current dilemma of offshore processing and advocates the logical alternative, showing how onshore processing should be more transparent, cheaper, easier on refugees and connected to regional processing agreements.


Fakery and Aesthetics

Steve Snyder composes a thought-provoking examination into how we critically evaluate the quality of art. By canvassing his thoughts on some of history’s most celebrated artists, Snyder equips us with the tools to better distinguish the authentic from inauthentic.


3 Scenarios for India 2020

In this second installment in our three part series examining the road ahead for India towards 2020, Syed Mafiz Kamal explores and discusses the domestic and international drivers that will be largely responsible for shaping the future of the world’s largest democracy.

Barack Obama

Explaining Obama’s Foreign Policy: Don’t Bother

Does Obama have a coherent foreign policy? Does it matter? In this article Dr. Cooper identifies some basic principles of Obama’s foreign policy whilst dismissing simplistic categorizations such as realist or liberal. Whilst the seeming lack of consistency in Obama’s policies isn’t historically unusual, it does pose problems for predicting how America will respond to foreign policy challenges in the near future.


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