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Why Russell Brand?

Alochonaa’s UK editor Finlay argues that Russell got all the characteristics of a successful populist leader; he’s exciting, charming and charismatic, with a rare ability to tap into youth grumblings about the world and political elites. The conditions for his rise have been perfect; Ed Miliband and David Cameron really do seem to exist in a different universe. So have Britain’s political left found their messiah? Finlay states, ‘Probably not.’

Whitlam and Lingari

Whitlam: A legacy

Edward Gough Whitlam, Labor Prime Minister of Australia 1972-1975 died earlier today, aged 98. Sean Barry shares his thoughts on the passing of a Australian political legend and his thanks for what Gough gave his country, sentiments shared by a vast majority of Australians, regardless of background.


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