MH 17: The Tragedy, The Politics and The History

In light of the tragic shooting down of a passenger airlines of the Malaysian Airlines– MH 17 in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict zone, author Liam Maddrell argues that this is not the first time that political conflicts have jeopardised the safety of the civil aviation. He illustrates two cases- (a) shooting down of a Korean passenger flight by the Soviets in 1983 and (b) the case of an Iranian passenger flight taken down by the Americans in 1988. He argues that lessons from these incidents provide ominous omens for any potential investigations.


Gaza War Diary – Fasting whilst under Fire

Alochonaa continues to present Gaza War Diary written by Rasha from Gaza. Rasha continues to share with the wider community the ongoing situation in Gaza, with each diary entry focusing on how the ongoing violence is impacting ordinary Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. In this entry Rasha highlights the added difficulties for Palestinians fasting during the holy month of Ramadan under a period of hostility and fire.


Gaza War Diary – Day Six & Day Seven

Tension has been escalating between Israel and the Gaza Strip following the murders of three Israeli teens in the occupied West Bank and a Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem over the last two weeks. The state of Israel has since launched operation ‘Protective Edge’ against the Gaza Strip. Palestinian fighters have responded with rocket attacks against Israeli cities. This is the ‘Gaza War Diary – Day Six & Seven’, a personal account from Rasha writing from Gaza as the violence unfolds.


The Asymmetric War in Gaza – An Israeli Perspective

Whilst the international media focuses on Israeli airstrikes and civilian casualties in Gaza, Koby Gur argues that few people stop to consider that many of these casualties are exactly what Hamas wants, and that Israeli casualties are only minimized through an elaborate and expensive anti-rocket system. For some Israeli’s, their response to Hamas is as proportionate as is possible, and demonstrates as much restraint as is practical in this kind of asymmetric war.