Neo-Islamism as an Emerging Phenomenon

New generations of political parties have emerged in the Middle East and North Africa recently, yet the terminology to describe these parties remains vague. We can categorise some of the new Islamist parties and see similarities in some of the new democratic movements, argues Tarek B Chamkhi.

Supporters of ultra nationalist party Golden Dawn, Greece

Nurture and nature: education, blood and nationality

The need to belong to a national group, to identify with its history and culture, is one of the strongest human desires. Yet the link between ethnicity, culture and identity has always been fragile and indirect. As recent controversies over ethnic Albanians in Greece’s symbolic public life show, many people remain unsure of whether nationality is derived from blood or culture and what it means for the nation.

Science in the Public’s Eye

Despite all it has contributed to civilisation, science is still viewed with skepticism by a significant amount of the public. In this thoughtful piece, Chris Elcombe explores the factors which shape and influence this often tumultuous relationship.


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