Nationalism Debate

Launch of “The Nationalism Debate” series and Politician’s Column


Dear Readers,

We are glad to announce that from next Wednesday, we are going to launch Alochonaa’s first ever ‘the Nationalism debate’ series. For this phase  we’ve selected  the case of Scotland’s Independence. Scotland, currently a part of the United Kingdom is  hosting a referendum  on 18th September 2014 to seek public support in favour of its independence.The question to be asked in the referendum will be “Should Scotland be an independent country?” Voters will have two options in the ballot: 1. Yes to extend their support in favour of Scottish independence or 2. No- to vote against independence. This referendum is an outcome of vigorous nationalistic campaign pursued by the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) under the leadership of Scotland’s First Minister Mr. Alex Salmond.This is an interesting time for Scotland where its public sphere is full of  debate in support or against the end of  Scotland’s 305 years old union with England.  The first part of the series would feature an  article written by Mr, Martyn Geddes, a Conservative Councillor from Angus Council, Dundee, Scotland. He will explain why he is against independence. In the following week, we are going to publish a piece written by an Englishman who likes to call himself a British. He has been living in Scotland for 20 years. He will explain why he too does not support the idea of Scottish Independence. In the week after, this series will end with Stephen Gethins’s piece where he argues why Scotland should become an independent country. Mr. Stephen Gethins is a SNP candidate for the European election.It is relevant to mention that with  writings of Mr. Martyn and Mr. Stephen, Alochonaa is to launch an irregular category of a Politician’s Column in its site. In future, we have plans to host writings from politicians of different countries  here.

To see Guardian’s essential guide to Scottish Independence: please click here

Thanking You
Jennifer Rahman and Luci West

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