Musical Passions – Mastering The Violin

Music has the ability to transform us from a period in time into a far off destination – playing a musical instrument only amplifies this feeling. Mastering a musical instrument empowers the individual to deeply connect with another realm.

“Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends”.  – Alphonse de Lamartine

What Things Should Be Regarded When A Child Starts Learning The Violin?

Begetter Vince Kwansky* for Alochonaa 

The purpose of learning a musical instrument is to provide considerable fulfillment and enjoyment to students from music education. However, each child has a unique learning style, influenced by his or her age and intellectual, social, emotional and physical development; therefore, there is no one special teaching strategy that can fit every student. As a violin teacher, there are a few things I would like to share about how to start a child learning the violin.

Firstly, having a trustful relationship with a beginner student is the most important thing in order to engage the child during their learning journey. Once your student believes that what their teacher has said will help them, their confidence will blossom. This is because a beginner student does not have the ability to judge the sound quality, and the tuning of the violin; therefore, the student only can only judge sound quality by his or her teacher. In short, the first step in starting the child’s learning should be to build up an unsuspecting relationship with him or her.

Secondly, a student’s playing posture is another factor which should be taught very clearly, and comprehensively, including finger, hand and arm positions. This is crucial because it enables the most efficient movement for playing their instrument, and allows for stamina needed for public performance or the personal enjoyment of playing.

Finally, I strongly recommend that buying a good quality violin for a beginner student in necessary. It is very difficult for a beginner student to produce a mellow and rich sound on a poor violin; therefore, students always give up learning the violin in the beginner level. But a good quality violin helps students to achieve their ambition of producing a dulcet tone more efficiently.

As a result, I would consider that building up a good relationship with students, teaching a good posture concept for holding a violin and buying a good quality violin, are the most essential elements needed in staring a child learning the violin.

Begetter Vince Kwansky - Photo provided by the author

Begetter Vince Kwansky – Photo provided by the author

* The writer is conducting research into music education at Griffith University. He teaches music at schools as a part time music teacher.

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