The Poet’s Corner: In Celebration of India’s Independence

Soibal Dasgupta*

A short poem in celebration of India’s independence 

In India I live,

Here I smile,

Here I cry,

India is my home,

India is mine,

India is my weapon,

It is my slogan,

It flows in my blood,

Three colours as one,

it is my identity,

It is my name,

I live in it,

It lives in me,

Here I smile,

Here I cry,

One day I’ll die,

With india in my eyes,

India in my heart,

India in my mind,

India within me,

Within it I shall lie,

Silently I will say bye,

And sleep in it’s laps,

lost in time,

Unknown for all,

I shall disappear,

And get lost within the Indian soil.

*Soibal Dasgupta writes from India. In his own words; “I am Soibal Dasgupta, one among the 1,220,800,358 people living in India. This is my identity to the whole world”.

*** is not responsible for any factual mistakes (if any) of this analysis. This analysis further is not necessarily representative of’s view. We’re happy to facilitate further evidence-based submissions on this topic. Please send us your submission at


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  1. What a wonderful tribute to your country. I, too, love India and have written a book with my photographs entitled “India In My Eyes” which is available on Amazon. You might enjoy it. Let me know.

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