The Launch of the Dialogue Series

Simon Leitch*

Brisbane, August 21, 2014 (Alochonaa): There are two sides to any great story, and here at Alochonaa we are committed to bringing you diverse points of view on contentious issues in politics, culture and society.  In an era where anyone, no matter how ill-informed, can share opinions and inject themselves into message boards and online conversations, political debates are frequently tied down in emotive, populist argument that proves nothing instead of rational, coherent debate which illuminates core issues and promotes nuanced solutions.  In our dialogue series we have a vision of bringing together two opposing points of view on some big political debates to better inform readers of what is really at stake.

From the Scottish independence referendum to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and from minority rights to economic theory, there are genuinely two sides to the great debates of our time that go beyond simple characterizations of good and evil, and which reach into the heart of our diverse belief systems.  By understanding each other’s perspectives beyond simplistic, unproductive characterizations we are better placed to resolve some of the practical issues confronting us.  Of course, not everyone is going to agree, no matter how much dialogue takes place, and some debates have an element of tragedy – no matter the choices taken some people will be unhappy.  Even so, dialogue matters because demystifying politics and building an understanding of why others feel the way they do can reduce unwarranted friction.
Consequently, we at Alochonaa hope to bring you a meaningful dialogue that can foster greater understanding of contemporary issues through a series of publications which illustrate two sides to a story.  We will find experts on a range of topics and unite those with contrary views to express their differences in a format which is accessible, well-reasoned and articulate.  We hope you enjoy our dialogue series and walk away with a greater appreciation for the complexity of the problems facing us today.

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