The Silencing of Scott Morrison is worse than 1000 Naurus

Simon Katterl*

Melbourne, April 3, 2014, (Alochonaa): Finally. Dr Jennifer Oriel has penned a masterpiece calling out the decision by Sydney Boys High School to cancel Scott Morrison’s invitation for what it is: a radical Islamo-Fascist left-wing agenda designed to unfairly favour lesbians occupying the public sector. Such is the hold that these ecological tyrants have on our country’s consciousness, that people like Dr Oriel and myself barely get a voice amongst the cashed-up economic migrants, gays, and etcetera’s.

Enough is enough. No more of this Goebellian [I retract that reference] misinformation by the Left. Like Dr Oriel, I’m going to present that facts as they are. In black and white – predominantly white.

Throughout this hackneyed polemic over alleged human rights abuses, no one is getting to the real issue: the destructions of all our freedoms! Make no mistake, our bloated social welfare system and the equal rights afforded to economic migrants is implicitly making an attack on our most fundamental freedom: speech.

Others have forgotten this. But Dr Oriel hasn’t. In this return to an Orwellian nightmare, Oriel highlights that “The censorship of conservatives by the wilful destruction of free speech is not accidental but foundational to the 21st-century Left whose architect Herbert Marcuse wrote the progressivist blueprint for bigotry in his essay Repressive Tolerance.”

I think she is being too kind. I would go so far as to say that most Left-leaning Australians secretly harbour the creation of some kind of caliphate that censors and destroys the real Australia and its heroes. Patriots such as Andrew Bolt, Piers Ackerman and Russel Crowe.

If we don't know our nation's history, how can we defend its principles?

If we don’t know our nation’s history, how can we defend its principles?

Dr Oriel rightly pointed out that it is simply too hard to ascertain whether there is a causal link between detention and adverse health or psychological impacts on detainees – so we should shutup and quit yabbering on about it already!

On the other hand, the esteemed academic does provide us with some objective facts of her own:

“The totality of evidence tendered is UN hearsay and the Human Rights Commission report into child detention which I, among others, exposed as causally fallacious.”

“Leftist campaigns to censor conservatives have gained popularity with the rise of social media. During the past two years, a record number of conservatives have had speaking invitations cancelled or withdrawn by universities and schools following protests by left-wing faculty and students as well as Islamists.”

“[Islamic State]… justifies its genocidal barbarity using propaganda concocted by the 1960s communist Left”.

So many facts.

But more insidious is how the ABC has become a clandestine organisation designed to shift the political centre so far to the left that even Stalin would object. Take for instance, “Fact Check”, the so called verifier of public political statements…by whose standards? McCarthy? Mussolini? Big Brother?

No thank you. If I want facts, I’ll make them up myself thank you very much – that’s what free speech is. If you don’t like that fact, create your own. Free country.

It’s time we took the facts back into our own hands. For too long have they been held by ideologues occupying the fascist-centre. The truth is, to date facts have merely been a tool used by the Left to take away your freedoms.

Given the facts we (you and I) know – that civilisation as we know it is on the edge of destruction, tht minority groups have it in for our cricket team, that climate change was an inside job, and that the causal relationship between traumatic events and trauma is all fuzzy – why isn’t there a full-scale offensive against the insidious reds that festering under our beds? (Probably being paid for by your taxes I might add)

If society is just the collection of individuals, aren't we all minorities?

If society is just the collection of individuals, aren’t we all minorities?

I don’t want to say that we are in the midst of a class warfare in Australia. That’s why I’ve written it. People on the Left have continued to misconstrue just who is persecuting who. I’m in it for the little guys, which is why I’m rooting for 1%ers. If no one else will stand up for the Gina’s, Twiggy’s and Tony’s, then I sure as hell will.

Dr Oriel has opened up a space – kind of like a black hole – where Australians can invest in a dialogue about the future of our country. We need patriots like this who bring the debate forward to new discussions about communism, class warfare and how to protect our border moving into the Asian century.

Without patriots, patriotic dialogue and health scepticism towards facts, we won’t be able to address the real challenges of yesterday next year. Challenges like how to dress our next female Prime Minister, where is the nearest Swiss Bank to secure all my freedoms, and who’s Warnie’s next shag on Tinder.

* Simon Katterl is a graduate of Law & International Relations at Griffith University. His Honours thesis focused on how the legal subject may be challenged and transformed by contemporary brain and mind sciences.

** Alochonaa.com is not responsible for any factual mistakes (if any) of this analysis. This analysis further is not necessarily representative of Alochonaa.com’s view. We’re happy to facilitate further evidence-based submissions on this topic. Please send us your submission at alochonaa@gmail.com


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