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When Japan met Daesh

After the recent executions of Japanese citizens, Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa at the hands of Daesh (also known as ISIS), there has been some diversity in response from Japanese society. Scott Musgrave, Alchohonaa’s East Asia Editor explains..


Why can’t we be friends? Frustration in the Asia-Pacific Part 2: The Republic of Korea

Part two of Scott Musgrave’s East Asia series focuses on South Korea. Here, the Republic’s views on foreign policy, politics of nationalism and geopolitics are explored. It is found that patterns between the perception of threat, US engagement and domestic unrest and how they correlate to when nationalist sentiments are at their loudest. It is shown that domestic political ambition plays a very important role in the diplomatic relationship with Japan.

Area Editors

Danny Cooper,  Editor, American Foreign Policy:  Danny Cooper holds a PhD in International Relations. Dr. Cooper is a senior lecturer at Griffith University in American Politics and American Foreign Policy. His book Neoconservatism and American Foreign Policy: A Critical Analysis was published in New York by Routledge in 2011. His review article Lessons from […]