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Development without democracy: are we building a house of cards in Bangladesh?

Professor Adil Khan argues in favour of democracy to sustain Bangladesh’s economic gains and development which are challenged by a number of social and political deprivations. In his view, rising Islamist/Nationalist militancy threatening the security of not only the country but the region as a whole. The way to defeat fundamentalism is neither through repression nor ‘development’ but through unadulterated democracy. The sooner the government and those that care about regional security and stability understand this, better it is.

So the Saudis and Iranians Hate Each Other…And?

Simon Leitch argues that despite the dire warnings about increasing Saudi-Iranian tensions, the most recent inter-faith stoush between the Gulf powers is unlikely to boil over for a simple reason – both states are already doing as much as they reasonably can to undermine each other, and neither one has incentives to engage in open war.

Britain’s Got Behaviour

Will Davies argues that the reality television has long pitted people against each other in various overtly competitive or pseudo-competitive environments. Viewers or judges rate their performances and cast judgement on their value to society, and although these shows are usually simple and rarely political they shine light on many aspects of the modern liberal psyche.