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Obama’s Drone War: Indiscriminate Killing and Selective Apology

Dr. Taj Hashmi writes on the greater value of Western lives than non-Western ones, “Washington not only considers some lives more important than others, but it also categorises Western casualties of friendly fire as ‘innocent victims’, while non-Western victims of such attacks are considered integral to the ubiquitous ‘collateral damage’.”

@SouthAsia71: Live-tweeting Bangladesh’s road to independence

In December 2014, Dave Riley began the Twitter-based public history project, @SouthAsia71. From this handle, Dave live-tweets the Bengali struggle for independence as if it were happening today. This article describes the rationale behind the project, an overview of the ground covered to-date and provides an indication as to where the project is headed.

Religious Liberty Is Not Freedom from Ridicule

When we work for religious liberty, we are working in the interest of the common good; we are not just protecting ourselves. We are working to keep ourselves from participating in the evil of a conscience-restricting coercive government. The apostles denied the authority of a decidedly non-democratic authority to intrude into such matters (Acts 4:19-20), much less should we expect it of a government with constitutional guarantees of the natural rights of religious freedom.

Time running out to avoid Western Sahara war

Professor Damien Kingsbury argues that Western Sahara is a frozen conflict zone, where a long-standing territorial dispute has led to massive movements of refugees, an insurgency and conventional war. After some years of tentative peace, time is running out to design a political solution that can avert a new series of conflicts.