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‘Civil Society’ Mediation to Bangladesh Problem: A Theoretical Evaluation

Using theories of mediation studies Osiur Rahman examines the prospect of a series of recent initiative taken by Bangladeshi civil society who are trying to resolve a deadly stand off between Bangladesh’s two major political parties. Osiur argues that there is little hope for Bangladeshi civil society as these civil society members do not have necessary instruments to resolve the crisis.

18C and Religious Offenses

Australia’s Human Rights Commission recently weighed into the debate about censorship and images of the Prophet Muhammad. It’s position is deeply troubling, hypocritical, completely arbitrary and legitimizes radical positions whilst normalizing obedience to randomly chosen religious edicts.

The Global Significance of Greek Elections

Whilst Greece is only a minor economy, the example it sets in dealing with its toxic debt load and the EU creditors over the next few months will have global significance. As the austerity plans hang in the balance so too do debates about financial reform, wealth redistribution and the broader neoliberal agenda which has so dominated economic thought in recent decades.