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Hillary’s Dilemma: Foreign Policy and the Race for the White House in 2016

As Hillary Clinton moves inexorably closer to a shot at the post-Obama U.S. presidency, her latest book looms large as a potential guide to how a Clinton administration would view the world and the U.S. role within it. As her memoir shows, Clinton is far from a foreign policy dove and her liberal internationalist leanings might have an important impact in the less stable parts of the world.

Why Russell Brand?

Alochonaa’s UK editor Finlay argues that Russell got all the characteristics of a successful populist leader; he’s exciting, charming and charismatic, with a rare ability to tap into youth grumblings about the world and political elites. The conditions for his rise have been perfect; Ed Miliband and David Cameron really do seem to exist in a different universe. So have Britain’s political left found their messiah? Finlay states, ‘Probably not.’