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G-20 in Brisbane: Are we Winning the War on Offshore Tax Evasion?

Professor Jason Sharman argues that in the aftermath of the GFC, taxation remains an important policy issue for governments around the world and will be one issue under discussion at the G20 meeting in Brisbane. G20 states, mindful that their tax revenue is being siphoned away through tax havens, have made incremental collective efforts at tightening the noose around tax evaders. However, evidence that the G20 has, or will be, successful at regulating tax havens is lacking.

The economic crisis a complacent Australia has to have

In 1990, upon hearing that Australia had recorded two quarters of negative growth, Paul Keating argued that it was the “recession that Australia had to have”. The point was that the crisis was an outcome of changes that would set Australia up for the future. Today, Australians’ lack an appetite for reform, despite change needing to a constant and ongoing process. Economic crisis provides a window of opportunity for reform. Author Sean Barry asks is that what Australia will now require, “a crisis we need to have”, so a new economic narrative can be constructed and much-needed reform can occur?