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Freedom of Expression in Norway and Bangladesh: A Legislative and Institutional Perspective

The authors present a comparative evaluation of freedom of expression in Norway and Bangladesh. The article concludes that the media influence within both states has contributed to the quality of democracy. Furthermore, the authors contend that the concept ‘freedom of expression’ is broadly defined depending on the context.

Gandhi, Palestine and Israel

Dr. Irfan Ahmad in this striking historical analysis, explains Mahatma Gandhi’s views on the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. In doing so, Ahmad reveals Gandhi as a man was plagued by inconsistencies, contradictions and secrecy, he was a man who was not above using the conflict for his own political ends.

Russia and Ukraine are at War, Just Don’t Tell Anyone

According to European, American and Ukrainian sources, Russia has invaded Ukraine. The conflict has finally evolved into a conventional war, and yet policymakers in the Ukraine remain reluctant to actually declare war. After all, it has become customary for states to fight wars without declarations and if Ukraine is to declare war it will only legitimize more Russian attacks and allow Russia to play the role of the injured. The Ukrainian dilemma over the word “war” is an apt illustration of how words matter in international politics.