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The French Burqa Ban– So much for Liberté & Égalité!

Rainer Ebert critically evaluates the French burqa ban and the European Court of Human Rights’ recent decision to uphold it. Ebert argues that these decisions are bad for woman, bad for Europe, and part of an emerging illiberal trend in Europe. In Ebert’s evaluation , “France now finds itself in the undesirable company of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other countries that force women to dress in a particular way.”

The Launch of the Dialogue Series

There are two sides to any great story, and we at Alochonaa aim to bring you diverse analysis from around the world and across the political spectrum. In our new dialogue series Alochonaa will bring together opposing sides of a debate and let them explain their story, in their own words, so you can critically evaluate the issues and be more informed.

The Pakistani Awakening: Imran Khan’s Azadi (Feedom) March 2014

The 14th of August 1947 marks a very auspicious day for every Pakistani, as it is the day that Pakistan became a state and gained its independence from India. After sixty-seven years of independence, the 14th of August 2014 marks yet another sea change in the Pakistani political diaspora, as Imran Khan, leads what he terms as a mass social awakening through his Azadi (Freedom) March.

Fakery and Aesthetics

Steve Snyder composes a thought-provoking examination into how we critically evaluate the quality of art. By canvassing his thoughts on some of history’s most celebrated artists, Snyder equips us with the tools to better distinguish the authentic from inauthentic.