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The Cancer of Patriotism

As we near the 75th anniversary since the end of World War II, Edinburgh based author Adam McMurchie thinks it is an appropriate time for the world to reflect on its progress to peace. Adam argues that 75 years on and the same underlying symptoms that plague the human race with inequality, ignorance, hate and war still exists in its airtight bubble of patriotism. He explores how like cancer, patriotism has endured all attempts to halt its spread, and why at present no remedy exists to free human race from the curse of patriotism.

When Terror Becomes A Political Tool

Wisdom Iyekekpolo discusses the political origin of the Nigerian insurgency group, the notorious Boko Haram. Through an evaluation of the current political climate, the ruling and opposition party are argued to both be capitalising on the terror inflicted onto the Nigerian state.

China and India: Leadership in Contrast

Democratic elections can throw up huge uncertainties in the form of powerful and charismatic leaders while autocratic systems sometimes provide remarkably stable and robust leadership during times of transition. We can see aspects of this paradox through the political leadership of the two Asian giants, India and China. In this age of widespread knowledge and expertise, political systems that entrust fate of billions of people on single leaders surely need to be questioned.

Lessons from the Ukraine Crisis (and why they will not be learned)

Conventional wisdom suggests that economic interdependence between the great powers reduces conflict. Whilst the general argument makes sense, recent Russian actions in Ukraine highlight how genuine economic interdependence is, much like nuclear weapons, hard to apply in a deterrent strategy. Dr. Simon Leitch, Alochonaa’s Editor in Chief for Foreign Policy and International Affairs, argues that, the rise of the economic interdependence between strategic rivals like Russia and NATO, or China and some of its neighbors, will complicate deterrent strategies, perhaps even to the advantage of the aggressor.

The Emergence of Café Culture in Dhaka

Dhaka is waking up to a new era of food culture. There are lots of ideas which are reshaping the traditional perception of Bangladeshi dining culture. The emerging number of food hubs and joints being opened around the streets of Dhaka, has made very clear the reality of how diversified our taste buds are becoming. Naureen Zaina Azizee, describes in the ‘scrumptious’ piece the emergence of the ‘Cafe Culture’ in Dhaka city.

Modi and the Illiberal India

Is the idea of a secular India merely a ‘chimera’? Alochonaa CEO discusses the reasons why Modi proved to be so successful in India’s election and probes whether or not Modi’s alleged role in the 2002 Gujrat riot will instil a culture of fear into India’s minorities?