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Should Sinking Islands in the South Pacific Worry Us?

The threat that global warming and rising sea levels poses for Pacific Islands is well-known to those outside the region. A less understood threat is that posed by weak government and environmental regulations in the region. In this article, Sean Jacobs points out saving the Pacific requires more than tackling global emissions and claims that local leaders are using the focus on rising sea levels to abrogate their own environmental responsibilities.


The Challenges for Muslim Minority Communities in Modern-Day Europe – 2

Dr. Murray Hill, concludes his two part article which considers the motivation and experiences of first generation Muslims in Europe. The author examines a range of sociopolitical and identity challenges which are faced by these subsequent generations.

Gender Based Violence and Power Relations

Globally women encounter gender based violence in various forms. Fahmida Zaman draws our focus to rape and domestic abuse, and asks whether we are truly doing enough to protect women. The author discusses the power dynamic between the victim and the perpetrator, and exposes the power relations at play in gender based violence.

Children of Palestine

From Gaza strip, Rasha N Abushaban reports how the Israel- Palestine conflict is taking a toll on the lives of the children of Gaza. She writes: “there are thousands of heartbreaking stories can be told about children’s experiences. Some have witnessed the death of their parents or families, sometimes even being forced to stay for days with dead due to non-stop fighting. Other children have been used as human shields on tanks to invade villages. Such stories are common in wartime but for these children the misery continues all the time”.

What Is The Difference Between Knowledge & Belief? How Can We Explain The Nature Of Knowledge?

Author Nurul Muhammad Haque argues that despite vast research – the impact on knowledge and belief in human lives are still mysterious. Sometimes what we know, either we can’t infer it or justify it, but we feel it. We’ve felt it our entire life. We start questioning our knowledge, belief, worldly judgments and human intuitions. It’s like a splinter, driving us to know more and to justify our conviction. It constructs the structure to defend what we know, believe and ultimately accepts to wake up. Ironically it’s not far from the truth. This study is part of an attempt to highlight the analysis of knowledge and belief, and the approaches to rational knowledge.

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers in the 21st Century

In this article Dr. Mark N Kartz, a Professor at the George Mason University, USA and one of the world’s leading experts on Russia (a great power) explains how great power rises and falls. He reminds readers that it is important to distinguish between subjective and objective great powers. This article is an essential read for IR and Politics students and great power enthusiasts.

Why India Needs Religion

Nilantika Banerjee, an author from India felt curious to look into the relevance of religion in the lives of the people of her rainbow nation-state– ‘secular India’– from a neutral and unbiased position. She ended up with facts which are quite contrary to her initial expectations!!