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The Emergence of Café Culture in Dhaka

Dhaka is waking up to a new era of food culture. There are lots of ideas which are reshaping the traditional perception of Bangladeshi dining culture. The emerging number of food hubs and joints being opened around the streets of Dhaka, has made very clear the reality of how diversified our taste buds are becoming. Naureen Zaina Azizee, describes in the ‘scrumptious’ piece the emergence of the ‘Cafe Culture’ in Dhaka city.

Modi and the Illiberal India

Is the idea of a secular India merely a ‘chimera’? Alochonaa CEO discusses the reasons why Modi proved to be so successful in India’s election and probes whether or not Modi’s alleged role in the 2002 Gujrat riot will instil a culture of fear into India’s minorities?

The Story of An Outdoor Classroom

Matluba Khan,an Assistant Professor of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, who has set up an outdoor classroom in Bangladesh, argues that a well-designed outdoor environment can be a rich setting for teaching and learning in a primary school .

A Muslim Question: Bangladesh context

There are no Muslims in Bangladesh, or alternatively there are many Muslims in Bangladesh. What this question actually refers to is the confusion about either a political, or a religious ideology within the political parties in Bangladesh. Therefore, an expectation for a secular ideology, or a religious ideology in Bangladesh’s politics, considering the contemporary political situations is highly challenging, and ultimately impossible.

The Glass Ceiling: Women Subjugation in India

Nilantika Banerjee examines the validity of the claim about women progress in India. She believes that the claim of women progress is a overstatement and a myth. Such mythical discourse is constructed by the male dominated Indian society. In reality, women in India, in Nilantika’s view, are still lagging behind.

Condi and Me

We often wonder what life would be like if certain situations had of played out differently. Mark Katz reflects back on the summer of 1977, when he and 3 other interns joined the US State Department Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs. One of those fellow interns was Condoleezza Rice – the 66th US Secretary of State. Mark recounts his experience of working along side Condoleezza, her determination to rise to the top and the encounter with the Deputy Secretary of State which changed the future of her career for life.