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Women’s Voices in Local Government Bodies within Bangladesh

Mumita Tanjeela discusses the progression of female political participation in Bangladesh. Despite two female prime ministers in recent decades, women in Bangladesh still face many obstacles in having their voice heard within the political arena. The author discusses now civil society organisations and NGOs have been critical in challenging Bangladesh’s patriarchal perceptions, and supporting women to engage in the public sphere.

The Poet’s Corner: Indian Political Jamboree and White Stripes

This poet’s corner presents two poems from South Asia. Reshma Parvez writes on India’s political context, as she reflects on the election atmosphere in the lead up to the 2014 election. Albaab Habib writes from Bangladesh and uses the imagery of white stripes to allude to the experiences we pass by on our journey through life, exploring the spirit of youth and vitality.

Should Sinking Islands in the South Pacific Worry Us?

The threat that global warming and rising sea levels poses for Pacific Islands is well-known to those outside the region. A less understood threat is that posed by weak government and environmental regulations in the region. In this article, Sean Jacobs points out saving the Pacific requires more than tackling global emissions and claims that local leaders are using the focus on rising sea levels to abrogate their own environmental responsibilities.

Gender Based Violence and Power Relations

Globally women encounter gender based violence in various forms. Fahmida Zaman draws our focus to rape and domestic abuse, and asks whether we are truly doing enough to protect women. The author discusses the power dynamic between the victim and the perpetrator, and exposes the power relations at play in gender based violence.