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India Election: Ripple Effects in Bangladesh Politics?

As India enters into poll on 7th April, 2014, analyst Arafat Kabir examines what this election mean to Bangladesh? He dismisses a widespread speculation that argues India’s support to present government of Bangladesh would change if BJP comes into power in India. Arafat states, “Delhi requires a stable and cooperative administration in Dhaka in order to maintain the regional equilibrium of power. Taking this into account, BJP may not find any trouble if Hasina‚Äôs Awami League government vows to work with BJP the same way it did with Congress.”

The Problems With the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

Peter Ramage discusses the problems with the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) – a free trade agreement between New Zealand, Australia and 10 other Asia-Pacific countries including the USA. A TPPA would be an agreement that guarantees rights for foreign investors & would restrict a nations sovereignty and regulate what policies and laws the government can make. Peter argues the most concerning fact however, is why for such an important agreement has it been kept so publicly quiet?

Volunteer Aid and Tourism – A Critical Overview

Drawing from his own experiences in Timor Leste, Simon Katterl critically evaluates the structural flaws of the volunteer aid and tourism trend, known as ‘voluntourism’. The author argues there is a lack of accountability available to the recipients of aid – if the aid organisation fails, there is no recourse for aid recipients. While aid organisations must self-impose such regulations, it is currently unclear what ethos prevail in ‘voluntourism’.