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Coping with Political Disruption: Time to build new vocabularies of resilience

Monishankar Prasad attempts to connect the Trump victory with the raising discontent against globalisation of the working classes from Birmingham, Alabama to Bengaluru. He argues that there is a dire need of new forms of political representation to account for this new political discourse as the left has fallen short.

What Does the Indian Government’s Ban on Top News Channel Mean for Press Freedom?

Cries of fascism and censorship have been thrown about by the mainstream press after the Indian government took NDTV, a top Indian news channel, off the air for 24 hours. Rohit Pathania argues that whilst there a things to criticise about media censorship in India, this particular case related to dangerous live reporting from a conflict zone, something the Indian government must be particularly careful about since the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

What’s in a Ranking? Considering the Implications of the 2016 APSA Journal Rankings

Professor Ariadne Vromen mounts a criticism to the journal ranking system of the Australian Political Studies Association. Australian based political science journals revolves around positivist, quantitative methodologies. This research paradigm continues to be entrenched by the need for academics to publish in the handful of A* journals, the very journals which promote positivist methodologies to the near exclusion of all others.