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Religious and secular extremes in Pakistan, is moderation achievable?

Rizwan Mustafa reflects upon his 2015 PhD field work in Pakistan: after some recent discussions with Pakistani counter-terrorism officials, it became clear that they considered religion to be a primary cause of violent radicalism. Yet religion can act as a guide to moral virtue, so it is not obvious how the state can function without it. Can there be a middle ground between religious extremism and secularism?

Are women naturally better leaders and does it really matter?

Can women make a greater contribution to the global economy? Given the social disadvantages that women face around the world, the obvious answer is yes. Yet even when all things appear equal, in the view of Marcia Devlin, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Federation University Australia, women are still under-utilised and under-appreciated in the business world.

The Crisis of the Neoliberal Model of Higher Education: Part One

In this first part of the two part commentary Jon Kofas argues: The education system is supposed to impart ideals and knowledge into a state’s citizens, however, the modern university system appears to be broken and incapable of serving its traditional role in society. This is partly because of a crisis in access opportunities, and partly because universities have become revenue driven. It did not have to be this way.

The Scope of Terrorism within the Parameters of Bengali Identity

In this piece, Shahariar Sadat–an advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh argues that the nationhood of Bangladesh and the identity of its people are at a crisis point because of the recent spate of inexplicable violence. This exposition is an attempt to argue that Bangladesh is historically welcoming to foreigners and its population have always demonstrated exceptional religious tolerance.

Islam, Peace and Tolerance

Shakib Chowdhury, the lead vocal of a Bangladeshi progressive rock band argues that being a Muslim is about doing good, having faith in God, and believing in the message and the Messenger. ISIS and groups like it take the easy path – the path of self-righteous killing – but the harder path is to build something, show tolerance, and keep the faith.