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Critical Thinking, Skepticism and Knowledge

Sociologist Habib Khondker argues that organised skepticism is the key to critical thinking.

Terrorism in Jakarta: What can be done to defeat ISIS?

The recent bombings in Jakarta have prompted Muhammad Ahmedullah to reminisce about his time in the Indonesian capital. They have also provoked him to discuss why Islam is different to other religions, why disparate groups can emerge and why some of the current methods to curb the power and appeal of ISIS are ineffective.

On the Terrorist Attack in Istanbul

Associate Professor Halim Rane, who was named as the best university teacher in Australia in 2015 was in Istanbul with a group of Australian students at the time of recent terrorist attack. He argues that despite the recent terrorist attacks in Istanbul, life goes on for average Turks much as it did before. Although more attacks by ISIS and its supporters are possible, even likely, these attacks do not easily imprint themselves on the Turkish national psyche, or interfere greatly with daily life.

Because The Sea Is Sexier Than The Land: A Reflection on the Centrality of the Boats in the Recent ‘Migration Crisis’

Polly Pallister-Wilkins argues that the most recent influx of migrants to Europe have become inextricably associated with the images of people arriving by boat on the shores of Greece or Italy. These images, however, serve to reproduce a flawed perception of the crisis by narrowing the crisis’ scope and stereotyping the experiences of the migrants and those involved with handling them.

Development without democracy: are we building a house of cards in Bangladesh?

Professor Adil Khan argues in favour of democracy to sustain Bangladesh’s economic gains and development which are challenged by a number of social and political deprivations. In his view, rising Islamist/Nationalist militancy threatening the security of not only the country but the region as a whole. The way to defeat fundamentalism is neither through repression nor ‘development’ but through unadulterated democracy. The sooner the government and those that care about regional security and stability understand this, better it is.