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Drugs, Health and Society

An increase in unhealthy lifestyle choices, has led to a direct increase in cardio vascular disease, cancer and many respiratory ailments. Mass production of medicines to tackle these diseases seemed like the only feasible way. However, rather than looking into the future, it would be wise to investigate the past to develop effective treatments for the above mentioned diseases. Traditional medicines have always been clouded with distrust and scepticism. But many instances have proven than, these medication give the exact or even better benefits with minimal side effects. Hence Pradeep Cholan argues that scientists should investigate these medicines, so as to spread the benefits worldwide rather than it pertaining to a specific community.

Do We Know Why They Hate Us?

With the latest outbreak of terrorist attacks around the world, especially the violent assault on Charlie Hebdo in France, it is both timely and important to revisit a broader set of intellectual debates sparked by al-Qaeda’s attack on America on September 11, 2001, our Editor for American Foreign Policy, Dr. Danny Cooper explains….