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Pain and Blame – The CIA Torture Report

After 9/11 the U.S. government captured terrorists, ‘enemy combatants’ in Afghanistan and, occasionally, some innocent bystanders during its retaliatory War on Terror. Those captives were taken to ‘black sites’, places free from those pesky legal protections and domestic civil rights legislation, and some were subjected to torture during ‘enhanced interrogations’. Now, after years of delays, a U.S. Senate report is out detailing what actually happened in those torture sessions and the recriminations have begun. Simon Letich writes;

North Korea – Sovereign Drug Pusher

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) or North Korea is an enigma of the international system. One of the less conventional methods North Korea has turned to through various guises is drug trafficking and manufacture. These efforts appeared to have cultiminated in 2003 with the spectacular seizure by Australian authorities on the high seas of the North Korean owned ship, the Pong Su, after a botched delivery of 150 kilograms of heroin was uncovered. This has been further reinforced by a Hong Kong-North Korean drug ring that was arrested by the DEA in November 2013. While the Pong Su and more recent incidents are likely an attempt to expand outside North Korea’s traditional ‘drug markets’ of China, Russia, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, it also has shed light into the murky activities of the now infamous Division 39 of the Korean Worker’s Party and why the North Korean government is undertaking this trade, Alochonaa Editor, Liam Maddrell writes….