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China and India: Leadership in Contrast

Democratic elections can throw up huge uncertainties in the form of powerful and charismatic leaders while autocratic systems sometimes provide remarkably stable and robust leadership during times of transition. We can see aspects of this paradox through the political leadership of the two Asian giants, India and China. In this age of widespread knowledge and expertise, political systems that entrust fate of billions of people on single leaders surely need to be questioned.

Why can’t we be friends? Frustration in the Asia-Pacific Part 2: The Republic of Korea

Part two of Scott Musgrave’s East Asia series focuses on South Korea. Here, the Republic’s views on foreign policy, politics of nationalism and geopolitics are explored. It is found that patterns between the perception of threat, US engagement and domestic unrest and how they correlate to when nationalist sentiments are at their loudest. It is shown that domestic political ambition plays a very important role in the diplomatic relationship with Japan.

China’s Growing Influence: The Role of its Soft Power

Global public opinion surveys continue to show that China is perceived fairly favorably by large swathes of the world’s populace, from the Asia-Pacific to Africa and Europe. China has garnered cooperation from a diverse group of states in areas such as trade, tourism, education and infrastructure development, and Chinese statesmen are sure to be given a warm welcome in almost any foreign capital. These developments are both causes and effects of Chinese soft power.