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‘Respect’ for religion is often simply tyranny backed by violence

Despite a rather bloody history, violence, radicalism and intolerance historically affiliated with religion is still present in the 21st Century. But, can religion be blamed for the violence, or is something deeper afoot. Today’s post (thanks to Jeremy Fox at openDemocracy) gives a succinct overview of the historical development and doctrinal base of religious violence and how we might come to judge it from our own world-view.

MH 17: The Tragedy, The Politics and The History

In light of the tragic shooting down of a passenger airlines of the Malaysian Airlines– MH 17 in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict zone, author Liam Maddrell argues that this is not the first time that political conflicts have jeopardised the safety of the civil aviation. He illustrates two cases- (a) shooting down of a Korean passenger flight by the Soviets in 1983 and (b) the case of an Iranian passenger flight taken down by the Americans in 1988. He argues that lessons from these incidents provide ominous omens for any potential investigations.

Takeaways from the Recent Flooding in the Balkans

In this article, B. Kal Munis explores both troubling and positive developments from the recent Balkan flood, an event largely ignored in Western media. In the aftermath of the disaster, inept government responses and media censorship have combined with local generosity and inter-ethnic cooperation, illustrating the problems and prospects for the future of the former Yugoslavian states.