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China’s influence on Hollywood

An interesting trend in filmmaking in the last few decades has been Hollywood’s courting of the Chinese market. This has lead to some interesting changes in what films are getting made, where they’re set, and what they’re saying. Regular Alochonaa contributor Peter Ramage explains…

Why It is Time to Vandalize the Economic Textbooks

Dr. Kate Raworth outlines a guerrilla campaign for economics students. Dr. Raworth proposes that students should vandalise macroeconomic textbooks to alter the diagram on the Circular Flow of Money. Anyone can participate in this campaign because all they need is a pencil. She outlines the plan: “Sneak into the bookshops, the libraries and classrooms, and into the office of every economics professor you know. Get out the macroeconomic textbooks and find that diagram. Take your pencil. Now draw in the environment. Draw in the unpaid care economy. Draw in social inequality.”In her opinion this is one of the ways to save next generations of economics students, “from having the wrong model of the world stuck in the back of their heads.”