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The Crisis of the Neoliberal Model of Higher Education: Part One

In this first part of the two part commentary Jon Kofas argues: The education system is supposed to impart ideals and knowledge into a state’s citizens, however, the modern university system appears to be broken and incapable of serving its traditional role in society. This is partly because of a crisis in access opportunities, and partly because universities have become revenue driven. It did not have to be this way.

The Story of An Outdoor Classroom

Matluba Khan,an Assistant Professor of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, who has set up an outdoor classroom in Bangladesh, argues that a well-designed outdoor environment can be a rich setting for teaching and learning in a primary school .

The Madrassa Education and Its Historical Evolution in Bangladesh

Madrassas have long held the mantle of valid learning institutions both culturally and religiously within Bangladeshi society. The primary mode of religious education today still falls under the ambit of madrassas. Nonetheless, whether these institutions are delivering a valid modus operandi for students to neutrally engage in religious and or civic education is a question which in Bangladesh at least is cause of much scholarly debate. Nusaybah Yusuf through this 2 part series is to examine the role and viability of madrassas and its effects as a moderate educational institution within Bangladeshi society.

Religion and Education – More Harm Than Good?

Samuel Hennessy shares with his perspective on the religious instruction in education debate – a contentious topic currently in New Zealand & Australia; ‘Should state schools have compulsory religious education?’. According to Sam education exists for liberation, and therefore if non-coercive religious education contributes to this liberation, what harm is there in that?

Musical Passions – Mastering The Violin presents Musical Passions – Mastering The Violin by Begetter Vince Kwansky. “Music has the ability to transform us from a period in time into a far off destination – playing a musical instrument only amplifies this feeling”. The author, a music teacher and experienced Violin player, provides valuable insight into how to capture the passion within children learning the violin.