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Burkini bans in France: it’s all about intersectionality

Professor Malory Nye argues that Muslim clothing, always controversial in France, has become even more so due to the recent terrorist attacks from Muslims identifying with Islamic State. Understanding how something like a burka or burkini ban can take place, however, requires an understanding of how gender, patriarchy, religion and law interacts.

Paris Bombing (13 November 2015) and Western “Terrorism” Policy

Jon kofas argues that in the space of a week we have seen terrorist attacks carried out or inspired by ISIS in Egypt, Lebanon and, possibly, Paris. The range of targets and the effectiveness of the attacks makes the failures of Western anti-terrorism policy in the Middle East clear.

The French Burqa Ban– So much for Liberté & Égalité!

Rainer Ebert critically evaluates the French burqa ban and the European Court of Human Rights’ recent decision to uphold it. Ebert argues that these decisions are bad for woman, bad for Europe, and part of an emerging illiberal trend in Europe. In Ebert’s evaluation , “France now finds itself in the undesirable company of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other countries that force women to dress in a particular way.”

Leopold Sedar Senghor (1906-2001) Who will teach rhythm to the world laid low?

The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed the Decade 2013-2022 as the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures building on the efforts in the UNESCO General Conference which had called for “the development of a universal global consciousness” based on dialogue and cooperation in a climate of trust and mutual understanding and for a “new humanism for the twenty-first century”. For Alochonaa’s new series on “Rapprochement of Cultures” Dr. Rene Wadlow looks at the creative efforts of individuals who built bridges of understanding over the divides of cultures, social classes, and ethnicity and created a foundation for the New Humanism. In this piece Dr. Wadlow reviews the life of Leopold Sedar Senghor, the former President of Senegal who in Wadlow’s word, “was a poet, a cultural bridge-builder between Africa and Europe, an active world citizen and world federalist.”

The ‘Frustrated Generation’ – Why French Youth Are Unhappy?’s earlier article ‘French Identity, Globalisation & Unemployment – Gloomy Prospects For The French?’ went viral. Cédric Pellegrini returns with a follow up piece to address some of the disgruntled French responses to his highly controversial discussion of the contemporary problems plaguing French youth. The French youth have been labelled as ‘frustrated’ & Cédric breaks down why the French youth are unhappy – what is the real reason behind this French ‘malaise’?