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Football or Atolls? Why Football Matters More than Chinese Island Construction for World Politics

Are the recent arrests of FIFA officials an empty distraction from more pressing geopolitical problems? Sunil Dasgupta doesn’t think so. He also thinks the arrests illustrate a key feature of American soft power – i.e., the legal and diplomatic leverage the country enjoys is attributable to its status as a major marketplace.

Obama’s Drone War: Indiscriminate Killing and Selective Apology

Dr. Taj Hashmi writes on the greater value of Western lives than non-Western ones, “Washington not only considers some lives more important than others, but it also categorises Western casualties of friendly fire as ‘innocent victims’, while non-Western victims of such attacks are considered integral to the ubiquitous ‘collateral damage’.”

Explaining Obama’s Foreign Policy: Don’t Bother

Does Obama have a coherent foreign policy? Does it matter? In this article Dr. Cooper identifies some basic principles of Obama’s foreign policy whilst dismissing simplistic categorizations such as realist or liberal. Whilst the seeming lack of consistency in Obama’s policies isn’t historically unusual, it does pose problems for predicting how America will respond to foreign policy challenges in the near future.