Category: history

Origins of the police

In this long essay David Whitehouse traces the origin of the modern day police force. He argues that “the authorities created the police in response to large, defiant crowds. That’s–strikes in England, riots in the Northern US, and the threat of slave insurrections in the South. So the police are a response to crowds, not to crime.”

Gandhi, Palestine and Israel

Dr. Irfan Ahmad in this striking historical analysis, explains Mahatma Gandhi’s views on the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. In doing so, Ahmad reveals Gandhi as a man was plagued by inconsistencies, contradictions and secrecy, he was a man who was not above using the conflict for his own political ends.

MH 17: The Tragedy, The Politics and The History

In light of the tragic shooting down of a passenger airlines of the Malaysian Airlines– MH 17 in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict zone, author Liam Maddrell argues that this is not the first time that political conflicts have jeopardised the safety of the civil aviation. He illustrates two cases- (a) shooting down of a Korean passenger flight by the Soviets in 1983 and (b) the case of an Iranian passenger flight taken down by the Americans in 1988. He argues that lessons from these incidents provide ominous omens for any potential investigations.