Category: Humanitarian

The Decline of Sovereignty and the Rise of Human Rights

The principle of non-intervention in the affairs of states has diminished in status since the end of the Second World War in 1945. Alochonaa Editor Liam Maddrell explains what impact this has on the concept of sovereignty and how the decline of this concept has seen the rise of the ideal of ‘Human Rights’

Takeaways from the Recent Flooding in the Balkans

In this article, B. Kal Munis explores both troubling and positive developments from the recent Balkan flood, an event largely ignored in Western media. In the aftermath of the disaster, inept government responses and media censorship have combined with local generosity and inter-ethnic cooperation, illustrating the problems and prospects for the future of the former Yugoslavian states.

Children of Palestine

From Gaza strip, Rasha N Abushaban reports how the Israel- Palestine conflict is taking a toll on the lives of the children of Gaza. She writes: “there are thousands of heartbreaking stories can be told about children’s experiences. Some have witnessed the death of their parents or families, sometimes even being forced to stay for days with dead due to non-stop fighting. Other children have been used as human shields on tanks to invade villages. Such stories are common in wartime but for these children the misery continues all the time”.