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Plurinational Citizenship in the Making

The international political order is frequently described as consisting of a series of “sovereign nation-states”. This is incorrect, as many states are inhabited by multiple nationalities and many nations do not have their own state. In recognition of the fact that the state and the nation are not overlapping, a new concept of citizenship-state relations has emerge – plurinational citizenship. Based on the Bolivian experience Dr. Lorenza Fontana of Sheffield University, UK explains.

The French Burqa Ban– So much for Liberté & Égalité!

Rainer Ebert critically evaluates the French burqa ban and the European Court of Human Rights’ recent decision to uphold it. Ebert argues that these decisions are bad for woman, bad for Europe, and part of an emerging illiberal trend in Europe. In Ebert’s evaluation , “France now finds itself in the undesirable company of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other countries that force women to dress in a particular way.”

My Stealthy Freedom: The Reclaiming of Individuality

Come and shake my hand, I am not your enemy, I just do not want anymore breathe any more of my freedom stealthily, simple freedom that does no harm to others….. We do not want to be sentenced forever to this stealthily freedom. We want to walk, shoulder to shoulder with those who believe or not believe in Hijab, with dignity and freedom. That’s it!!” – Alochonaa’s regular contributor Naureen Zaina Azizee sheds light on the silent revolt taking place in Iran.

The ‘Frustrated Generation’ – Why French Youth Are Unhappy?’s earlier article ‘French Identity, Globalisation & Unemployment – Gloomy Prospects For The French?’ went viral. Cédric Pellegrini returns with a follow up piece to address some of the disgruntled French responses to his highly controversial discussion of the contemporary problems plaguing French youth. The French youth have been labelled as ‘frustrated’ & Cédric breaks down why the French youth are unhappy – what is the real reason behind this French ‘malaise’?