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DEMONETISATION as Ideology: Social Justice, Governance and India

Monishankar Prasad argues that the current policy of ‘Demonetisation’ in India reflects a policy process in which the technocrats were able to bypass participatory democracy. This article unearths the various layers of this radical event to make some sense of the wider ramifications of the politics of the digital in Asia.

What Does the Indian Government’s Ban on Top News Channel Mean for Press Freedom?

Cries of fascism and censorship have been thrown about by the mainstream press after the Indian government took NDTV, a top Indian news channel, off the air for 24 hours. Rohit Pathania argues that whilst there a things to criticise about media censorship in India, this particular case related to dangerous live reporting from a conflict zone, something the Indian government must be particularly careful about since the Mumbai terrorist attacks.