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In the Middle East, Iranian Nuclear Deal is a Sideshow

The recent Iranian nuclear deal is being vilified and hailed in equal measure, though in reality it is little more than a sideshow. It will not change the underlying dynamics of the Middle East, reform Iranian, Saudi, American or Israeli foreign policies, heal religious divides or end the civil wars in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, so it is hardly worth more wrangling.


The ANZUS Paradox

In this timely analysis, Simon Leitch investigates the evolution and current state of the ANZUS Treaty and what it means for Australian-American security cooperation.

Time running out to avoid Western Sahara war

Professor Damien Kingsbury argues that Western Sahara is a frozen conflict zone, where a long-standing territorial dispute has led to massive movements of refugees, an insurgency and conventional war. After some years of tentative peace, time is running out to design a political solution that can avert a new series of conflicts.

Dictatorships and Middle Eastern ‘Stability’

Supporting dictatorships in the name of stability has become one of the bedrocks of Western foreign policies across the developing world. Yet there is little evidence that this policy is successful in preserving stability and a lot of evidence that foreign support for dictatorships, particularly the petro-dictatorships, just causes more problems in the long-term.