Category: IR

Who Shapes International Politics?

Dr. Florian Schneider reviews the academic conference on “Informal Political Actors in East Asia, Russia and the Arab World” taken place at the Sheffield University in January, 2015 and offers an insight on how non-traditional actors are influencing international politics.

Cyber-Eco Bourgeoisie”- Part I

The development of new technologies and modes of production have always facilitated changes in political systems. Today, on the back of developments in cyberspace, a new class of global citizenship is emerging which will help reshape the present political system across the developed and developing world. This is the first of the four-part series written by Dr. Jon Kofas.

A Frozen Conflict Threatens Ukraine

Dr. Simon Leitch argues that the fighting in Ukraine has largely fallen off the radar of many people in the West, and there is no longer any serious talk of getting back Crimea, but the long-term dangers for Ukraine are as high as ever. Rather than facing Russian annexation, Ukraine now finds itself in the unenviable position of becoming yet another frozen conflict zone on the Russian periphery.