Category: Multiculturalism

Burkini bans in France: it’s all about intersectionality

Professor Malory Nye argues that Muslim clothing, always controversial in France, has become even more so due to the recent terrorist attacks from Muslims identifying with Islamic State. Understanding how something like a burka or burkini ban can take place, however, requires an understanding of how gender, patriarchy, religion and law interacts.

Selective Tolerance and the Environment: Comments on the Continued Prejudice toward Rural People

Prejudice against rural people has come to be accepted in the American academe. The consequences of this discrimination are quite important, particularly in the realm of the natural sciences, because students go on to work in fields that directly affect the lives of rural people (e.g. by working in natural resource agencies). This piece draws attention to this problem and offers some preliminary suggestions for addressing it.

The French Burqa Ban– So much for Liberté & Égalité!

Rainer Ebert critically evaluates the French burqa ban and the European Court of Human Rights’ recent decision to uphold it. Ebert argues that these decisions are bad for woman, bad for Europe, and part of an emerging illiberal trend in Europe. In Ebert’s evaluation , “France now finds itself in the undesirable company of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other countries that force women to dress in a particular way.”

Debating Multiculturalism: Quebec Charter of Values- Secularism or Islamophobia?

Zerin Nusrat critically examines the proposed bill “Quebec Charter of Values” introduced by the governing Parti Québécois (PQ) in Quebec, Canada. If the bill is passed, it would “prohibit public sector employees from wearing or displaying conspicuous religious symbols.” This will create disadvantage for hijab wearing Muslim women living in Quebec. Nusrat argues that this proposed bill is a manifestation of Islamophobia. She further criticises ‘patriarchal feminists’ including the superstar Celine Dion who supports the bill to liberate Muslim women from male patriarchy from a wrong assumption that Muslim women in Quebec have no agency in wearing Hijab.