Category: New Media

Doing It In Public: Impact, blogging, social media and the academy

For most academics the use of blogs, social media or other ‘low-brow’ media tools seems like a distraction from the real work of publishing in journals, writing books or winning academic hearts and minds. Consequently, academics are often reluctant to engage with social media even though there are ways it can be used to directly promote their research agendas, career prospects and increase societal impact. Professor Tim Hitchcock takes at look prospects for academics to harness modern communications technology and increase their impact.

A Challenge We’re All Ignoring: Regulatory Gaps in New Media

Peter Ramage discusses the challenge we are all ignoring – the regulatory gaps in new media platforms. Peter states “the internet challenges legislators because of the rapidity with which it evolves: by the time legislators write regulations, the internet has often moved on, rendering them obsolete”. What is important however, is to recognise that regulation is desirable & quite possible.