Category: Philosphy

Man VS. Himself

Standing admist a volatile and gloomy global scenario, when humanity is being slaughtered mercilessly every moment, a famous line by Ayn Rand from her famous novel ‘The Fountainhead’ came to the mind of Nilantika Banarjee – “Inspite of whatever their future – at the wake of life men seek a noble vision of man’s nature and life’s potential”. The main philosophy endorsed in the novel is that everything we have, everything we are, comes from a single attribute – the function of our reasoning mind – this made me think whether we ask the war-mongers to give peace a chance or should we ask them to give a chance to themselves!

Fakery and Aesthetics

Steve Snyder composes a thought-provoking examination into how we critically evaluate the quality of art. By canvassing his thoughts on some of history’s most celebrated artists, Snyder equips us with the tools to better distinguish the authentic from inauthentic.

Explanation to “What is truth?”

Soibal Dasgupta, in response to Alochonaa’s earlier publication ‘What is truth?’, reflects upon his observations of what constitutes the ‘truth’. The author observes that the truth serves multiple practical functions for people across the globe; this ‘truth’ acquired through his traveling experiences. Dasgupta concludes that truth and lies are two faces of the same coin – “either exist both or none”.

The Glass Ceiling: Women Subjugation in India

Nilantika Banerjee examines the validity of the claim about women progress in India. She believes that the claim of women progress is a overstatement and a myth. Such mythical discourse is constructed by the male dominated Indian society. In reality, women in India, in Nilantika’s view, are still lagging behind.