Category: Political Economy

Thoughts on Globalization, Inequality and Equality

This article argues that instead of being a malignant force on states, globalisation is not the primary cause of inter-country inequality; rather, it is unambiguously the form and manner in which state economies integrate into the global economy which reinforces pre-existing international and/or domestic conditions which may stymie economic growth

Japan, China, and the Future of Capitalism

Dr. Simon Leitch argues that Japan is once again in recession, and policymakers are aware that one of the fundamental problems facing the Japanese economy is demographic. On that front, Japan is not alone. In fact, the economic consequences of demographics is one of the most important issues of our time, yet the choices handed to us by policymakers and economists have traditionally been reduced to a terrible binary – countries must either infinitely grow their populations or face recession.

Neo-Colonialism in Greece

In this timely analysis of the current situation facing Greece, Jon Kofas argues that the current Greek regime stands little chance against the German-IMF led neoliberal alliance and their desire for further austerity in the beleaguered nation.