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Why can’t we be friends? Frustration in the Asia-Pacific Part 2: The Republic of Korea

Part two of Scott Musgrave’s East Asia series focuses on South Korea. Here, the Republic’s views on foreign policy, politics of nationalism and geopolitics are explored. It is found that patterns between the perception of threat, US engagement and domestic unrest and how they correlate to when nationalist sentiments are at their loudest. It is shown that domestic political ambition plays a very important role in the diplomatic relationship with Japan.

East Asia Commentator – Deus ex nation: Vitriol, History and the State

This is the first part of a four part series where Alochonaa East Asia Editor, Scott Musgrave looks at the tide of hostility in East Asia between Korea, China and Japan. Scott argues that it is the engagement, or the lack of engagement of the US, that affects how these states interact with each other, particularly in regards to Japan and the Republic of Korea.