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Do We Know Why They Hate Us?

With the latest outbreak of terrorist attacks around the world, especially the violent assault on Charlie Hebdo in France, it is both timely and important to revisit a broader set of intellectual debates sparked by al-Qaeda’s attack on America on September 11, 2001, our Editor for American Foreign Policy, Dr. Danny Cooper explains….

When Terror Becomes A Political Tool

Wisdom Iyekekpolo discusses the political origin of the Nigerian insurgency group, the notorious Boko Haram. Through an evaluation of the current political climate, the ruling and opposition party are argued to both be capitalising on the terror inflicted onto the Nigerian state.

Bali Bombing 2002, Tri Hita Karana and the Kuta Karnival: an incredible response to a massive terrorist attack

The tragic Bali Bombing of 2002 caused the death of more than 200 people, injured many more and brought fear and economic hardship to the island paradise. Dr. Ahmedullah finds that the response of the Balinese people to this tragedy was very unusual, perhaps unique when compared to other places that have suffered from terrorism. Rather than adopting an attitude of revenge they chose to celebrate life, a choice which can only be explained by looking at their particular Hindu belief systems which are built on the philosophy of ‘Tri Hita Karana’. This philosophy encourages harmony between different people, between people and nature, and between people and God. How these ideas were applied in dealing with the challenges caused by the Bali Bombing is an imporant lesson for everyone.