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Living On the Edge: Women and Climate Change in Bangladesh Part 1

This is the first instalment of a three-part report on the state of women in agriculture on Bangladesh’s southern coast in November/December 2010. In Part 1, Finlay covers the first village he encountered, Chakbara, where Bangladeshi woman, Monowara, describes life as a tiger widow.

Scottish Independence – a critical review

The upcoming referendum on the independence of Scotland from the United Kingdom has brought out many pundits, each with their own “evidence” on why Scotland should or should not leave the Union. In this article, Alochonaa’s incoming European Affairs Editor Mr. Chris Elcombe filters through the standard nationalist rhetoric and evaluates the political and economic problems and benefits associated with Scottish independence, and draws a complicated picture of the potentially independent Scotland’s chances on delivering better outcomes for its residents.

The Launch of the Dialogue Series

There are two sides to any great story, and we at Alochonaa aim to bring you diverse analysis from around the world and across the political spectrum. In our new dialogue series Alochonaa will bring together opposing sides of a debate and let them explain their story, in their own words, so you can critically evaluate the issues and be more informed.

The Myth of the Sectarian Problem and the Solution in Iraq

Dr Simon Leitch analyses the current Iraqi crisis. As Iraq today is rocked by attacks from ISIS a blame game has started to undermine Nuri al-Maliki’s government. Maliki, so the argument goes, needs to do more for Sunnis or the country needs to be divided up along sectarian lines. Such a dichotomy is not helpful, as Maliki’s new democracy cannot be easily divided nor can Maliki give the Sunnis minority an equal say in the running of a Shia-dominated state.

Moving Away to Make Home a Better Place

Musa Ibrahim, the first Bangladeshi to conquer Mt. Everest, who is now on a visit to Australia, writes for about his experience of meeting non-residence Bangladeshis. He discusses what impact corruption has had on opportunities in Bangladesh, how leaving home to pursue education, while a difficult choice is the right choice and that by doing so Bangladeshis can actually help make their home a better place.

Women in the Workplace: Discrimination in Western Europe and South Asia

While popular wisdom holds that liberal democracies in the West have left behind discrimination against women in the workplace — and definitely in comparison to their cousins in Asia there has indeed been significant progress — gender discrimination is still very prevalent across the world. Fahmida Zaman’s essay explores this theme and outlines what legislative support women may expect in their fight against this scourge.