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Perceptions of Love: Love & Biryani – an insight into intercultural love

Luci West* Love & Biryani  It is nearing almost 2 years since I discovered two of what I consider, possibly some of the best kept secrets of Pakistani culinary culture (as available in Brisbane), desi ghee (butter on steroids) and Achar Gosht Shan masala mix (the easiest dish to […]

Perceptions of Love: The “Divinity” of True Love

Love is spiritual. It is a spiritual feelings that “rips through our soul like a powerful hurricane, uprooting our usual attachment and habits. It causes joy as well as pain, ecstasy as well as longing. ” What is the spiritual significance of true love? Using an example of true love between a woman and a blind man in London, Mubashar Hasan, explains the divine aspect of true love.

Perceptions of Love: Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Naureen ponders the deeper meaning of love in the lead up to the most globalised commercial event expressing love – Valentine’s Day. Let us observe love not only for a month, week, or just one calendar day. Yes, let us observe V-day, but let us also keep in mind not to make the other 364 days redundant of love. Let us not keep love confined to a specific time or bounded to one context.