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Let Taslima Nasrin Come back to her Motherland after Twenty Years in Exile

August 2014 marks twenty years exile for Bangladeshi female writer Taslima Nasrin who fled Bangladesh, the world’s fourth largest Muslim majority country, because of accusations of “apostasy” through her novels and statements. In this article, Dr. Muhammad Ahmedullah looks back at Taslima’s case and argues why it is time to bring her home .

The Glass Ceiling: Women Subjugation in India

Nilantika Banerjee examines the validity of the claim about women progress in India. She believes that the claim of women progress is a overstatement and a myth. Such mythical discourse is constructed by the male dominated Indian society. In reality, women in India, in Nilantika’s view, are still lagging behind.

Women’s Voices in Local Government Bodies within Bangladesh

Mumita Tanjeela discusses the progression of female political participation in Bangladesh. Despite two female prime ministers in recent decades, women in Bangladesh still face many obstacles in having their voice heard within the political arena. The author discusses now civil society organisations and NGOs have been critical in challenging Bangladesh’s patriarchal perceptions, and supporting women to engage in the public sphere.

Gender Based Violence and Power Relations

Globally women encounter gender based violence in various forms. Fahmida Zaman draws our focus to rape and domestic abuse, and asks whether we are truly doing enough to protect women. The author discusses the power dynamic between the victim and the perpetrator, and exposes the power relations at play in gender based violence.