Core Team

meDr. Mubashar Hasan,  Co-Founder and CEO: Mubashar Hasan is an Assistant Professor, at a private university in Bangladesh. He holds a Ph.D from the school of Government and International Relations, Griffith University, Australia, a MSC from Dundee University, UK,  a MLITT from the Aberdeen University, UK and a Bachelor degree from Dhaka University, Bangladesh. Prior to coverting his career into academia, he worked as a journalist with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. He also worked as a media campaign strategist for Oxfam in Bangladesh and Pakistan where he acted as a spokesperson and interviewed by BBC News, Bloomberg TV and Sky News. His research interests are: democratization, globalization, sport and politics, religion and politics, South Asian politics and civil aviation politics.His academic essays were published in Global Discourse, South Asia Research, Harvard Asia Quarterly, Journal of Asian and African Studies , Journal of Globalization Studies and Australian Journal of Politics and History ,  East Asia Forum,  openDemocracy and The Conversation. He published a chapter in an edited book of Oxford University press. He is an avid follower of hip-hop (Eminem and Tupac Shakur) and rock n roll (The Doors, Marilyn Manson and Oasis). He holds a passion for photography and published a photo story with the BBC  News but regrets that he fails to spend much time behind it now. Mubashar’s twitter id is @mubashardhaka




Lucy West, Co-Founder (Inactive): Lucy West was the co-founder of She is a PhD candidate at the School of Government and International Relations, Griffith University.








Simon LeitchDr. Simon Leitch, Editor in Chief (Foreign Policy and International Affairs): Simon Leitch holds a PhD in International Relations. Dr. Leitch taught International Relations and Security Studies at Griffith University.  His research interests are in foreign policy and strategy with a particular interest in the interaction of the great powers.



Sean Barry, Editor, Australian Politics:  Sean has a burning interest in politics and political economy and why governments do or not do what they do. His current research is investigating the reasons that inspired past Australian governments to propose and implement economic reform. The purpose of the research is to isolate lessons that can be learnt by current or future governments, perhaps assisting the ‘brave’ to make necessary changes. By nature humans are reform-averse—the path for a would-be reformer is a tough one. Sean began his academic interests in history and government. More recently his diversity of interest included completing an MBA, majoring in international business that compliments his current academic interests in political economy. His inquiring and analytical mind has been refined by twenty years as a barrister. As a lawyer he has been described as ‘an effective no-nonsense advocate whose particular strength is inspiring trust and rapport in his clients.’ He is applying this wealth of experience and skills to his research, teaching and writing. Sean likes to hear from people about their ideas. Ideas are never boring. Ideas in turn inspire new ideas and it is through that process that real change occurs. Ideas allow us to construct narratives to explain our views to others, to persuade them and to inspire them. Recently he won the prize for Best Student Refereed Paper, Australian Political Studies Association Conference 2015. For more about his work, publications and ideas see:



brettBrett Elmer, Editor: Brett is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Western Australia, where his research explores Chinese foreign policy in relation to Xinjiang and its restive indigenous Uyghur population. He also holds a Bachelor of Science (University of Western Australia), a Graduate Diploma in Education (Edith Cowan University) and a Master of Asian Studies (Murdoch University). In his downtime, Brett enjoys traveling, photography and discussing anything even vaguely football related. His twitter id is @Elmerson81

samSamuel Glen, Editor- Religion and Society: Mr. Samuel Glen is a systematic and detail-oriented analyst. He is currently a policy analyst at Queensland and Trade while completing a Master’s thesis on the political philosophy of cosmopolitanism and cultural diversity. Samuel has a vast amount of experience leading cross-culturally in Australia and overseas, predominantly in England, Australia and China. He is a communications and management professional with particular experience in international relations; cultural diversity; moral philosophy; dialogue and governance. He has a profound understanding and respect for cross-cultural communication and what it means for social cohesion and effective policy.





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