Creative Writing

Transmission: In this short story from India, a radio dj’s late radio transmission takes a spine-chilling turn. Click here to read the story.

Rat-Boys- Rat-boys takes the reader into the world of Brian and his brother Joe. To survive, they rely on each other, but a day out with Joe’s mate Chris changes everything. Read the story here

The Dog I Met- A humbling fictional narrative written from India. Through a conversation with a rich family’s pet dog, Soibal Dasgupta illustrates the reality of class separation in India and the broader sub-continent. Soibal writes with a raw honesty: “I went to the temple and prayed to god so that, I may take birth as a pet dog of a rich family, but not as a poor man’s son in this country.” To read this incredible story click here.

Indian Political Jamboree- Reshma Parvez writes on India’s political context, as she reflects on the election atmosphere in the lead up to the 2014 election. Click here to read the poem.

Gun Powder-  A poem by Samuel Hennessy  in honour of Waitangi Day (the New Zealand land treaty signed between Maori and Europeans in 1840). The poet highlights New Zealand’s historical grievances & the nations future in the hands of overseas ownership. Click here to read the poem.

In My Father’s House-A powerful poem by a Bangladeshi poet Sadia Arman who by using the biblical notion “in My Father’s House” beautifully demonstrates religious dogma suppressing liberal arts and personal freedom.  Click here to read the poem.

White Stripes- Albaab Habib writes from Bangladesh and uses the imagery of white stripes to allude to the experiences we pass by on our journey through life, exploring the spirit of youth and vitality.Click here and scroll down to read the poem.

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