Nuclear Iran: Why the West must Reconsider its Non-Proliferation Strategy

Dr. Leitch argues why the West must reconsider their non-proliferation strategy – at some point there must be an acceptance some states will acquire nuclear capabilities; coercive diplomacy will not always guarantee non-nuclear armament.

America, Iran, and the International Relations of the Iranian Nuclear Issue proudly presents the first discussion on the Iran Nuclear Issue & International Relations, contributed by Dr. Mark N Kartz, a Professor at the George Mason University, USA. Dr Kartz discusses the broader implications of Washington-Tehran nuclear discussions on the international community

Religion and Education – More Harm Than Good?

Samuel Hennessy shares with his perspective on the religious instruction in education debate – a contentious topic currently in New Zealand & Australia; ‘Should state schools have compulsory religious education?’. According to Sam education exists for liberation, and therefore if non-coercive religious education contributes to this liberation, what harm is there in that?

Musical Passions – Mastering The Violin presents Musical Passions – Mastering The Violin by Begetter Vince Kwansky. “Music has the ability to transform us from a period in time into a far off destination – playing a musical instrument only amplifies this feeling”. The author, a music teacher and experienced Violin player, provides valuable insight into how to capture the passion within children learning the violin.

From Muslin To Museum: The Rise and Fall of Bengal’s Textile Empire-3

M Ahmedullah, PhD presents the final piece of a three part series on the rise and fall of Bengal’s textile empire. Bengal, once dubbed as the ‘paradise on earth’ was renown for its textile industry and its fabrics enjoyed the prestige of popularity abroad, particularly in Britain. M Ahmedullah contextualizes legendary reputation and decline of the historical Bengal textiles, exclusively for


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Good Bye and Thank You!

Alochonaa’s journey ends here and now!

The blog is not in operation anymore. We thank  all the editors, contributors, newspapers and media  who republished our content and helped us grow. We are proud of our achievement. What started as an experiment by few PhD students at Griffith University, Australia, turned out to be a source of reference for many academic articles and books.

Even though we are finishing our journey, we will still maintain the site for educational purpose.

Good Bye and Thank You!






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