Climate Change or Not Climate Change: That is The Question

Md. Khalid Hossain, a Bangladeshi PhD researcher at the RMIT University, Melbourne explains the paradox of perception between the reality, and the political rhetoric of climate change in Bangladesh.

Why Keeping Bangladesh Afloat is Important

Mr. John Finnie, a Member of Scottish Parliament argues in favor of a meaningful delivery of climate justice to Bangladesh, one of the worst affected countries in the world due to the changing climate.

From Muslin To Museum: The Rise and Fall of Bengal’s Textile Empire-2

M Ahmedullah, PhD presents the second of a three part series on the rise and fall of Bengal’s textile empire. Bengal, once dubbed as the ‘paradise on earth’ was renown for its textile industry and its fabrics enjoyed the prestige of popularity abroad, particularly in Britain. M Ahmedullah contextualizes legendary reputation and decline of the historical Bengal textiles, exclusively for

Women in the Workplace: Discrimination in Western Europe and South Asia

While popular wisdom holds that liberal democracies in the West have left behind discrimination against women in the workplace — and definitely in comparison to their cousins in Asia there has indeed been significant progress — gender discrimination is still very prevalent across the world. Fahmida Zaman’s essay explores this theme and outlines what legislative support women may expect in their fight against this scourge.


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Good Bye and Thank You!

Alochonaa’s journey ends here and now!

The blog is not in operation anymore. We thank  all the editors, contributors, newspapers and media  who republished our content and helped us grow. We are proud of our achievement. What started as an experiment by few PhD students at Griffith University, Australia, turned out to be a source of reference for many academic articles and books.

Even though we are finishing our journey, we will still maintain the site for educational purpose.

Good Bye and Thank You!






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