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Lessons from the Ukraine Crisis (and why they will not be learned)

Conventional wisdom suggests that economic interdependence between the great powers reduces conflict. Whilst the general argument makes sense, recent Russian actions in Ukraine highlight how genuine economic interdependence is, much like nuclear weapons, hard to apply in a deterrent strategy. Dr. Simon Leitch, Alochonaa’s Editor in Chief for Foreign Policy and International Affairs, argues that, the rise of the economic interdependence between strategic rivals like Russia and NATO, or China and some of its neighbors, will complicate deterrent strategies, perhaps even to the advantage of the aggressor.

Russian Impunity, NATO’s Disunity – Why NATO Should Forget about Crimea

In this article Dr. Simon Leitch assesses the role of NATO and economic sanctions in the Ukraine crisis. He concludes that economic interdependence will insulate Russia from serious economic consequences whilst attempts by NATO to interject itself into the situation are misguided and doomed to fail.